Olives for

everytaste !

  • Pitted Olives

    Pitted Olives

    Fall in love with our pitted olives. Offered in new and traditional flavours ranging from mild to slightly spicy, our 7 recipes are sure to impress even the biggest connoisseurs!

  • Whole Olives

    Whole Olives

    Try our 4 classic Southern-style recipes, with sun-kissed olives in mild or slightly spicy flavours for what’s sure to be a culinary adventure. 

  • 400 grams

    400 grams

    Try our gourmet olive cocktails with mild or spicy flavours in a large-format container to enliven your cocktail hours with friends.

  • French Olives

    French Olives

    Discover our French olives from different regions of the South of France. Delicious all on their own, these olives are particularly enjoyed by connoisseurs.

  • Other Products

    Other Products

    Lupins bring colour to your summer salads, and preserved lemons are perfect for your gourmet creations.